The Course Creation Academy (INR)

The Complete Digital Course Creation Program

Course Summary

This is a comprehensive 9 to 10 hour video training program, that is designed to teach you the exact 4-step process to create a digital course from scratch in less than 90 days, even if you are beginner, have no tech skills and have never created a course before. This will take you from nothing to a fully completed digital course, ready to launch. You will learn how to create, launch and sell a digital course effectively. 

Course Curriculum

Hi! I am Rashmi.  

I teach people how to create a digital course business.      

I have created over 27 digital courses and have over 15,000 students across 142 countries around the globe.

These digital products have helped me quit my job and craft my life with freedom to do what I love doing.

Now I help people experience the same freedom and design their life on their own terms using the skills they own.

Course Pricing

  • The Course Creation Academy
  • 7999 INR

    Total Value